Guarucoop Guarucoop

With a fleet of more than 600 taxis, Guarucoop has brand new cars and other vehicles, all of them are high-end models from the major manufacturers.

It’s a special and differentiated taxi service, with the whole fleet equipped with cool and hot air-conditioner, 4 doors and big luggage room, providing comfort and convenience for passengers during the trip.

Some vehicles of the fleet are also equipped with GPS, to help the driver to accurately find out the streets and destinations.

For the passenger’s safety and to provide service agility, all the drivers have radio transceivers and cell phones in their vehicles.

Head office: Av. Avelino Alves Machado, 527 Jd. Pinhal - Guarulhos - Phone 24h 55 (11) 2440 7070
Reception Desk: Guarulhos International Airport (access by Via Dutra Km 219 and Rodovia Ayrton Senna da Silva, km 19).
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