Travel tips

Travel Tips

• Before entering the taxi, check the prefix written on the side and rear of the vehicles, as well as the Guarucoop’s telephone number. Please take note or memorize this number to use it when necessary;

• When using a taxi, keep your packets and hand luggage next to you, to avoid forgetting them;

• Request a receipt with the identification of the driver who served you, for easy identification when necessary, for example, when an object is forgot inside the vehicles;

• Plan your air travel, making sure that you are with all the documents at hand for check-in;

• Before the departure, rest enough and avoid the ingestion of coffee or alcoholic beverages;

• In the plane, keep your medicines in the hand luggage, eat light food and use comfortable clothes;

Culture and Leisure Tips

• São Paulo is a tourist city, full of interesting aspects, beauty and diversified cultures. In the city, you can make trips and also know traditional tourist spots. There are excellent cultural options, such as MASP, Theatro Municipal, Pinacoteca do Estado, Museu de Arte Sacra and Museu do Ipiranga;

• Also go to MAM, the Modern Art Museum. A place with must-see art creations, it reached its peak in the second half of the 20th Century, when it shook the Brazilian cultural circuit. It is located at Parque do Ibirapuera;

• Other interesting spot in São Paulo that deserves a visit is the Liberdade neighborhood, with a large number of Japanese immigrants. At Praça da Liberdade, many ceremonies and parties that celebrate the culture, culinary and, more than this, the tradition of these people;

• To enjoy the nature and see animals, the tip is to visit parks: Jardim Botânico, Parque do Ibirapuera, Instituto Butantã, Jardim Zoológico and Parque da Água Branca;

• Inaugurated in 1958, the Zoológico de São Paulo comprises more than 3.2 thousand animals registered. It is a good choice for those who like to see rare species in Brazil. Annually, more than 1.6 million visitors go there in monitored trips.

• Important financial center, São Paulo is also perfect to go shopping at so many shopping malls;

• When visiting São Paulo, do not forget to try the diversity and quality of the restaurants in the city. You can eat Italian, Spanish, Arabian, Japanese dishes, as well as the Brazilian cuisine from Minas Gerais, among so many other options;

• It’s also worth a try, going to see the main buildings in São Paulo, such as Edifício Itália, the second highest building of the city, which has the famous Terraço Itália, a symbol of the downtown and the Copan building, a milestone of the Brazilian architecture, the masterpiece of Oscar Niemeyer. It is the biggest structure of reinforced concrete in Brazil. It’s “S” shape is always evident in the horizon for everyone who walks on the main streets of the city;

• São Paulo also has two excellent options for those who appreciate astronomy, the Planetary of Carmo and Ibirapuera. With cutting edge equipments, they are prepared to receive a great number of visitors throughout the year. If you are looking for amusement with information, you already know where to find it;

• The cultural diversity in São Paulo manifests through popular events. In neighborhoods such as Bixiga, Brás and Mooca, the Italian culture is present in celebrations such as Festa de Nossa Senhora de Casaluce and Festa da Nossa Senhora Aquiropita. The Irish and their descents make the Saint Patrick party, a saint with many devotes, at pubs in São Paulo (in the neighborhoods of Pinheiros and Brooklin). The Portuguese community makes the Festa Abril em Portugal (April Party in Portugal), at Casa de Portugal or Centro Trasmontano, when they eat fishes and drink Portuguese wine, with traditional music, such as fados and viras.

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